The Whitcomb Family Day Care in Long Beach, has the state license number 191604310  (Call 562 427-6027) Long Beach Family Child Care Kids know when their providers care for them. It makes a major difference. At the Whitcomb Family Daycare, in Long Beach, California, Gladys is well-known as a specialist who will treat your child as a special child. Come visit this friendly place, a home surrounded by flowers, trees, and a special atmosphere that invites children to be at home. In a sense, it is their home, especially designed for caring for children. At Whitcomb Family Day Care, preschoolers are given opportunities that many child care facilities lack. Gladys and Jonathan Whitcomb are both licensed by the state of California and by the city of Long Beach. Call Gladys for information, including rates and availabilities. You’ll be glad you called Gladys: 562 427-6027. Make an appointment to come and visit us at 4503 Walnut Avenue, 90807. Feel the difference. Bye Bye Buggy Whitcomb Family Daycare uses a six-seat buggy to safely take children to Cherry Park, a very close visit but a delightful ride for kids. In this child care, safety is a major advantage, for other child care facilities have more children but fewer helpers; unfortunately we see this often. How much better to use the Whitcomb child care and feel secure that your child will be watched over by at least two state-qualified adults, sometimes more. Babysitting in Long Beach When some people say “babysitting,” they sometimes mean child care in the home. We at the Whitcomb’s prefer not to use that word, as it is so limiting, often meaning just one teenager coming to the child’s home for a couple of hours or so, often at night. A babysitter may do nothing other than see that the child gets into no serious trouble. We home child care providers, especially at the Whitcomb’s, give educational paperwork, like school homework, to preschoolers and school-age children, at the levels appropriate for their ages. A recommendation from the parents of Hunter and Heather: “We have been thoroughly pleased with the level of care, love and affection that you have provided to both of our children over the past 10 years. You are an amazing family and have provided a warm, safe and nurturing environment to our children . . . “Thank you so much for helping us to raise our two children since infancy. You have made a permanent impression upon their hearts that we, and they, will never forget.” Sincerely, Kristy and Clark (Long Beach, California). Long Beach Home Daycare © 2011 Jonathan Whitcomb Faces covered for protection Enter the Whitcomb home Just enough of a challenge