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Types of Chess Books These publications can be divided into several general types, including the following: Phase of the game of chess (opening, middle game, end game), Basic instruction (rules, tactics, strategy) 1. Openings (general and specific variations) 2. Middle Game (including master games) 3. Endgames (usually general) 4. Beginners (often with rules explained) 5. Tactics (incl checkmates & combinations) 6. Chess Strategy (incl games by masters) Books can also be divided into ages of readers, from small children to those 10-12 years old to teenagers and adult chess players. Beat That Kid in Chess This may be the best chess book for the adult or teenager who knows the rules of the game but very little about what it takes to win. Contrary to what the title would suggest, it’s not actually about winning against a young opponent. It’s for the “raw beginner” and it’s very basic. Beat That Kid in Chess covers the simplest concepts in the easiest way, preparing the beginner to begin winning against other novices of the game. Chess for Children This may be the most popular chess book that is sold by Amazon, according to sales records. The cartoon images in the interior make it fun for the youngest kids. The problem, however, is simple: The text is too advanced for small kids to read. It may be great for the youngsters who have a grownup to read it while they look at the cartoon pictures. Chess for Children has many pages devoted to teaching the rules of the game, but it then goes into a deeper instructional phase, maybe too a bit too deep, according to a few readers. The Kid’s Book of Chess and Chess Set This combination book-set has a positive review from The School Library Journal, and few such publications have that distinction. One Amazon reader-reviewer said: “I had this book for my son and he learned how to play chess at 5 years old, and had to buy it again for my nephew who is now learning to play chess at age 5 too. It won't be long and his 3 year-old brother will be ready to learn the game too.” Other Online Chess Resources The Best Chess Books Ever Keep in mind that more chess books have been written than books about all other sports and games combined! And though I have around 4,000 chess books, a couple of my friends have far more than that! United States Chess Federation Upcoming Tournaments Ratings Lookup Join the USCF Chess News
Books on the Royal Game Many tens of thousands of books have been written about chess, over the centuries, and most of those were probably published since the beginning of the twentieth century. Most of these publications have been to help players to improve their abilities over-the- board, but a small portion have been written for readers in general, even those who do not play: Historical chess books in particular.
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